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About Stuart Legal

We are a California-based legal assistance company here to help you with your legal case. We offer service of process, legal document assistance, paralegal services, court filing, typing services, notary public, and many other services to help our clients with their legal issues or court cases. Our company works with law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies, and private individuals nationwide to provide process service and other document services in Ventura, California and Surrounding Areas. When it comes to experience and information we cannot be beat. All of our legal professionals are educated and up-to-date with the current California laws and best practices.

We want you to be confident in our ability to adequately and legal serve your subpoenas, notices, and other legal documents, avoiding any delays or additional costs to you. Our legal document assistants are authorized and qualified to help with preparation and filing of court documents. We have extensive information about many complicated legal issues that don’t necessarily require a lawyer, but may be confusing to understand. Although we cannot provide legal advice, we are happy to explain the process by which you need to fill out and file paperwork across many occasions that require interaction with the law.

Legal Document Services

All of our legal document assistants and process servers are educated and up-to-date with the current California laws and best practices.

In the extensive and incredibly complicated legal landscape, filling out documentation for family law, small claims, wills, or even a name change can be frustrating and hard to understand.

Stuart Legal has Legal Document Assistants (LDA) to help you with this process. What is an LDA? An LDA is a non-lawyer who is authorized to give assistance on obtaining, filling out, and filing legal forms.

Stuart Legal is a reliable, accurate service that prides itself on client satisfaction!. If the court does not accept the documents we prepare for you for whatever reason – we will make the required changes at no additional cost and re-file the documents for you.

California Legal Document Assistants

To talk with a friendly member of our staff, please call (805) 245-3747 any time! For a free quote, please fill out our form and we will email you back right away.

Please remember that all California Legal Document Assistants and Process Servers must be registered and bonded. Let us know if you have any further questions about court document needs.

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